Riding the Third Wave of International Student Mobility

Over the last several years, Australian universities have been highly successful in attracting international students and positioning Australia as a quality destination for studying overseas. Education sectors around the world consistently look to Australian policies and strategies for attracting and retaining international students. Will Australian institutions continue to maintain their leadership in the future?

My article “Riding the Third Wave” analyzing recent trends and implications for Australian universities was published in the recent issue of the Vista magazine by International Education Association of Australia (IEAA). The article builds on the framework of  ‘Three Waves of International Student Mobility‘ published in Studies in Higher Education. I argue that successfully riding the third wave of international student mobility rests on attracting the best-fit students and delivering value-for-money.

The latest issue also includes following articles:

  • The (re)politicization of international education (Christopher Ziguras)–“Whether the term we use is global competence,
    global citizenship or something else, we need to get better at articulating an educational vision that resonates with students, educators, governments and the broader community.”
  • The rhetoric of regionalization (Phil Honeywood) “What is less understood is how significant migrant diaspora populations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane act as a major pull factor for overseas students to enroll in universities in these cities.”
  • Artificial intelligence and the new gen of international marketers (Marlena Mende) “AI is a truly powerful tool for marketers, that will eventually put an end to so-called ‘spray and pray’ approaches.”