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Dr. Rahul Choudaha is a researcher and analyst of trends and insights on global higher education. He is frequently quoted on international student mobility and enrollment trends, transnational or cross-border education, and technology and innovation in internationalization. He is known for connecting data and trends with student decision-making, institutional strategies and government policies. Please email at for gaining expert perspectives of Dr. Choudaha.

• Google launches education search feature in US, The PIE News
• China seeks to change international school equation, Business Vancouver
Eastern Michigan University extends in-state fees to int’l students, The PIE News
Corporate pathway providers shake up international student landscape, Inside Higher Ed
• The lure of work rights, The PIE News
Is a foreign degree worth it? The Economic Times
• What Is ‘STEM’? The Definition Is Evolving, The Chronicle of Higher Ed
The H1-B visa: Are the winds of change blowing in DC? The PIE News
International Students Are Keeping Community Colleges Afloat, Pacific Standard
Loss of Global Prestige, The Chronicle of Higher Education
• Global universities unprepared for sea change ahead, University World News
Growth of International Student Numbers in Higher Education, QS
New report envisions pathways for the future of global higher education
StudyPortals presents view on the future of international education, The PIE News
8 global trends impacting higher ed, Education Dive
• Do political events in host countries affect international education engagement? IDP-IEAA
Reimagine Education: Student mobility and demographic changes, QS
What changes will HE have to prepare for by 2030?, University World News
Achieving a globally engaged campus in testing times, University World News
UK universities must face Brexit drivers and outcomes, University World News
Why enrolments in US institutions by Indian students are flattening out, The Economic Times
• Study: In U.S. B-schools, international student numbers go flat, Poets & Quants
Report finds fewer new international students on U.S. college campuses, Washington Post
• International-student enrollment is slowing — and it isn’t all Donald Trump’s fault, The Chronicle of Higher Ed
US: F-1 visa guidance wording tightened, The PIE News
• Officials look to expand international recruitment in underrepresented countries, GW Hatchet
Boom in Indian Enrollments, Followed by Bust, Inside Higher Ed
Personalize recruitment efforts and resources to appeal to international students, NAGAP Perspectives
• China “can use students as a valve to control their influence”, The PIE News
Why universities must innovate in global engagement, University World News
More international students denied visas to attend, SCPR
Self-discipline at core of successful distance learning, The Star
• University tracks rise in student visa denials, University World News
NZQA closes fourth private college in New Zealand, PIE News
• Is the U.S. losing the global battle for new talent? HuffPost
• Indian international student body shrinking – AIU report, The PIE News
• International enrollments: From flat to way down, Inside Higher Ed
India moots higher education regulation overhaul, The PIE News
Livestreaming classrooms: Innovative or counterproductive? Study International
U.S. may tighten rules for foreign students, The Hindu
Community colleges for a skilled India, SPAN Magazine
• Why Indian students and their parents are wary of US campuses ahead of 2017-18 academic season, The Economic Times
• Int’l students at risk if H-1B salary threshold raised, The PIE News
The Foreign Tag, Outlook Money
Higher Education Seeks Answers to Leaner Years, New York Times
New study explores US educators’ views on pathway partnerships, ICEF Monitor
• US HE: quality concerns main reason for eschewing pathways, The PIE News
• Perceptions of pathway programs, Inside Higher Ed
Fewer students from IITs head for US due to Donald Trump's policies, The Economic Times
• Foreign universities in India, Outlook Money
Visa worries: Indian students look beyond US, UK for B-school courses, Live mint
• Trump Presidency Pushes Some International Students to Rethink U.S. Colleges, Wenews
U.S. Colleges Face Potential Loss of $250 Million from Drop in International Enrollments, Campus Technology
Anti-immigrant rhetoric to hit US universities financially, Times of India
Trump’s Travel Ban May Have Chilling Effect on International Student Enrollment, The Washington Diplomat
Higher education institutions must prepare for decline in interest from international students, Sing Tao Daily
Why new UK Visa rules will be a dampener for Indian students wanting to pursue British education, The Economic Times
H-1B review needed, but ‘Hire American’ is the wrong approach, say educators, The PIE News
International student enrollment may slide further, Diverse
Few international students familiar with professional studies degrees, The Hatchet
Brand is key challenge for international recruitment, University World News
Seeking globally mobile students in a world in turmoil, University World News
Adopt 3 ideas for supporting international graduate student success, Enrollment Management Report
• Lay of the Land: What Now? NAFSA International Educator (Mar/Apr)
Trump’s revised travel ban threatens to ‘adversely impact’ HE, The PIE News
Where MBAs Are Most Likely To Get An H1B Visa, Poets & Quants
Is your BA degree valid in the US? The answer could shock you, Hindustan Times
• Watch for shifts in Indian outbound this year, ICEF Monitor
Got a UG degree from India? Research well before applying to US universities,  Hindustan Times
Why international students are good for the US economy, MBA Crystal Ball
• Universities can nurture leaders of social change, University World News
• Connecting students with life's realities, University World News
Indian STEM students may have better alternative than Trump's USA
• University officials and courts push back on US travel ban, ICEF Monitor
• What it’s like to be an international student in the U.S. in the age of Trump, Poets & Quants
International US business school students fear a travel ban, The Financial Times
• Trump ban may mean 'huge upswing of interest' in Canada for foreign students, Vancouver Sun
•  Travel orders worry Aggies with ties abroad, The Eagle
The 10 US colleges that stand to lose the most from Trump's immigration ban, Business Insider
An ‘America First’ Presidency Clashes With Higher Ed’s Worldview, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Trump's next target: skilled foreign workers, The Hindu
• HBS Dean decries Trump immigrant ban, Poets & Quants
• Graduate schools will be hardest hit by Trump’s immigration ban, Quartz
• US educators rush to reassure students, faculty in wake of Trump’s immigration ban, The PIE News
• How can universities develop leaders for social change? University World News
• United States visa concerns expected to stifle international student enrollment, Campus Technology
Study abroad: US, UK have everything to lose if they look inwards, Hindustan Times
Why U.S. B-Schools need Chinese students, Poets & Quants
The PIE News Blog on US and UK mobility trends
• Indians students not driving enrolment growth in UK varsities, Hindustan Times
Feature Interview with
International students trickle into UK, flood into US, Campus Review
Choppy waters ahead for international student demand, University World News
Trump could impact influx of student talent, Poets & Quants
Asia-Pacific: Analyst says B.C. should look to India for international students as other markets slow, Vancouver Sun
• Trump's election already pushing immigrants to work and study elsewhere, Niskanen Center
Chinese students in the US, Epoch Times
How colleges are helping non-English speakers study in the US, Boston Globe
Business schools see opportunity in China, Chinese students, The Baltimore Sun
It’s bumpy ride ahead for Indian students, Deccan Chronicle
B.C. preps for more international students as applicants avoid Trump's America, Vancouver Sun
Steering clear of Trump's America: B.C. expects more international students as applicants, The Province
Trump's policies could hurt international enrollment: experts, The GW Hatchet
Are International Students in Trump’s Crosshairs? Black Enterprise
Due north: Indian students rethink US study plans, Hindustan Times
'Is It Safe?' Foreign Students Consider College in Donald Trump's U.S., New York Times
Trump’s Presidency could affect international students and professionals alike, Yourstory
• It’s a bumpy ride ahead for Indian students, The Asian Age
What Will Happen to International Students Under President Trump? Slate
Trump victory spurs global reaction from educators and students, ICEF Monitor
Trump's win may deter international students coming to US: Experts, Indian Express
Loss of International Students? Inside Higher Ed
Indian-Americans happy with Trump going to White House, The India Eye
• Trump's win may deter international students coming to US: Experts, Business Standard
Donald Trump victory spooks Indian students as election backlash rocks US campuses, First Post
International educators react to shock Trump victory, The PIE News
• Is Trump win an ‘unwelcome’ message for Indian students? Hindustan Times
Consider 25 retention questions and recommendations, Enrollment Management Report
Adopt 3 ideas for supporting international graduate student success, Recruiting and Retaining Adult Learners
• Online technology will open up global engagement in HE, University World News
Counseling in 140 Characters, Inside Higher Ed
• Is the UK not as attractive to Indian students as before?  Hindustan Times
• [Interview] British Council Education Intelligence
Post-Brexit UK may compel Indian students to eye other options for higher education, The Economic Times
• Why educators fear the Trump effect on US education exports, The PIE News
• Brexit's enrollment effects, Inside Higher Ed
What Brexit means to Indian students, Hindustan Times
• Mapping international pathway programmes in the US, ICEF Monitor
Commercialization and fraud in international student recruitment, Inside Higher Ed
• India’s foreign students great expectations belied, EducationWorld
US: 56% HEIs in pathway partnerships not nationally ranked, The PIE News
• Chinese student market: can the West weather a perfect storm? Times Higher Education
• TNE growth must go hand in hand with quality, University World News
• U.S. Colleges' Bounty of Foreign Students Thins - The Wall Street Journal
8 Things You Should KnowAbout Recruiting Indian Students, QS
Response to NJ University scam, Sina
International student "pay to stay" due to outdated immigration policy, China Daily
• [Interview] Majority of Indian students are genuine, says US research firm chief Rahul Choudaha, Times of India
US sting operation busts sham varsity racket; Indian, Chinese recruiters, students outed, Times of India
• Adequate funding, effective regulations will help varsities, The Hindustan Times
Is plan to equate research time with teaching experience justified? The Hindustan Times
• Granting equivalence to degrees: There is need for policy revision, The Hindustan Times
How a little-known program for foreign students became embroiled in a hot-button national debate, The Chronicle of Higher Education
• For international students enrolling in graduate schools, master’s programs rule, The Chronicle of Higher Ed
• Growth in foreign grad students, Inside Higher Ed
US: Three-quarters of first time graduate enrolees on master’s path, The PIE News
• Why Indian students prefer US for higher education, The Economic Times
Overseas Students Pour Into Some American Campuses, but Other Colleges Haven’t Kept Up With the Growth, The Chronicle of Higher Education
• Google Reveals Top Searches for Overseas Students, BBC
Global rankings are not comprehensive, Hindustan Times
• The discerning Indian student, The Economic Times
MIT Master’s Program to Use MOOCs as ‘Admissions Test’, The Chronicle of Higher Ed
US: Career prospects most important for int’l grad school applicants, The PIE News
• China Remains Attractive to Int'l Students Despite Slowdown, CRIEnglish
Will China slowdown stall growth in international students, Inside Higher Ed
Diversifying International Recruitment NAFSA International Educator
Chinese economy shifting but demand for study abroad expected to remain strong, ICEF Monitor
Ministry of Education launches new validation system in higher education, Centro Virtual de Noticias de la EducaciĆ³n
China’s economic woes unlikely to curb flow of students to Canada, The Vancouver Sun
WES urges US institutions to focus recruitment on emerging markets, The PIE News
Institutions go beyond recruitment to support and retain international students, Insight into Diversity
Indian 'Highfliers' set to boost student numbers in US, Business Standard
UAE students warned against fake university courses, The National
CBU enrollment gets boost from Kuwaiti students, Commercial Appeal
Going International, American Council on Education’s The Presidency Magazine
Obama's immigration reform: How it benefits Indians in the US, The Economic Times
• Enter The Dragon, Businessworld
New Digital Strategies Needed To Recruit Foreign Students, The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 2014
The Next Level, Southeast Asia Globe, October 2014
India’s supply-demand gap in education expected to drive international mobility, ICEF Mobility
Bridge the Digital Divide to Recruit Mobile Students, University World News, October 2014
Survey: International Student Candidates are Finding U.S. Schools by Smartphone, Campus Technology, October 2014
Update and Expand Overseas Recruitment Urges WES, The PIE News, October 2014
Retaining International Students, International Educator, September 2014
The Rise of the Global University, University World News, University World News, September 2014
Business Is a Big Draw for International Students in the U.S., The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 2014
What South Korean High School Students Carry in Their Backpacks May Surprise You, Quartz, August 2014
Graduating to the Next Level, India Today, June 2014
• Befriending China's Academia, China Daily, June 2014
• With More International Students Come Retention Issues, University World News, June 2014
• For U.S. Colleges, a Drive to Retain Foreign Students, The New York Times, June 2014
NAFSA Research Reveals Student Retention Perception Gap, The PIE News, May 2014
What Does Modi’s Win Mean for International Education in India? The PIE News, May 2014
Perceptions of International Student Retention Vary Substantially, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, May 2014
NAFSA International Student Retention Research, NAFSA, May 2014
Why They [International Students] Stay or Leave, Inside Higher Ed, May 2014
Retention Is a Growing Issue as More International Students Come to U.S., The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 2014
Why many bright Indian students are opting for overseas undergraduate studies, The Economic Times, May 2015
Indian grad students eyeing U.S. as land of opportunity, Science, April 2014
• Indian students with foreign degrees returning home, The Economic Times, March 2014
• Interview with Hotcourses, March 2014
• More Indian Students Taking U.S. Graduate School Test, The New York Times, March 2014
Challenge of the Indian Higher Education system, India Abroad, February 2014
• Record number of foreign students to enrol in 2014, University World News, January 2014
What’s next in student recruitment for the year ahead?, PIE News, January 2014
• Why 53 Countries Beat The U.S. On The GMAT Exam, LinkedIn Today, January 2014
International Expansion at Michigan State University, State News, December 2013
• Focus on R&D, The New India Express, December 2013
• In Big Shift, India Heats Up in U.S. Graduate-School Enrollment, The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 2013
• More Indians at U.S. Graduate Schools, But Fewer Overall, India West, November 2013
• AICTE Caught in a Cleft, Business Standard, November 2013
Transnational education: the next step towards internationalisation? EAIE Blog, November 2013
• International Classes Face Testing Questions, China Daily, November 2013
• India Fuels Surge In Foreign Students, Wall Street Journal, November 2013
Online courses that fit you, Gulf News, October 2013
Broadening horizons from home, China Daily, October 2013
• The Rise of Glocal Education: ASEAN Countries, QS Intelligence Unit, October 2013
Diversity Aside, International Students Bring a Financial Incentive, The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 2013
• US-bound Indian Students Top in Studies, Behind in Money, Hindustan Times, October 2013
Secret Agents, Inside Higher Ed, October 2013
Foreign Invasion, Hindustan Times, September 2013
Hurdles Remain For Foreign Univs to Set Up India Campuses, Business Standard, September 2013
Australia Costlier Than US: Will Higher Cost of Studying Make It Less Attractive for Indians? The Economic Times, September 2013
Vocational education goes ‘glocal’, Times of India, September 2013
Australia costlier than US: Will higher cost of studying make it less attractive for Indians? The Economic Times, September 2013
What do MOOCs mean for Internationalization? NAFSA Trends & Insights
Universities Seek Greater Enrollment from Abroad, China Daily, August 2013
A World of Options, National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), July 2013
Going to UK for Education? Higher Studies in Germany & France May be Cheaper & Easier, The Economic Times, July 2013
MOOCs: The Future of Higher Education? QS, July 2013
Georgia Tech's CS Degree Puts Some Certified Beef Into MOOCs, Campus Technology, June 2013
All about the dollar and the UK visa, Hindustan Times, June 2013
India, China and the Press, Inside Higher Ed, June 2013
In Report on Paying Foreign Recruiters, Admissions Panel All but Punts, The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 2013
US Schools Get “Amber Light” for Agent Use, The PIE News, June 2013
Surge in International Undergraduate Mobility Identified, The PIE News, March 2013
Branch Anxieties, Inside Higher Ed, March 2013
What is the Indian perspective on top study destinations? The PIE News
For U.S. colleges in India, great possibilities, thwarted hopes, The Chronicle of Higher Education
What they don’t want you to know, The Cambridge Student
Internationalisation more than a numbers game, University World News
Indians upbeat about US proposal to grant more green cards to science & maths graduates, The Economic Times
How has Saudi Arabia’s KASP impacted the sector? , The PIE News
• Conditionally yours, Inside HigherEd
Dubai's University of Wollongong seeks sixth president in 8 years, The National
Has the return on investment on an UK education gone down? The Economic Times
Learn from thy neighbour, India Today  
MOOCs: This could be huge..., Times Higher Education
Education ministry warns UAE students of unaccredited online degrees, The National
Easier for Chinese to study abroad, Hindustan Times
Students from China add $5b to US economy, China Daily
• International recruitment should explore emerging markets, Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
China continues to drive foreign-student growth in the United States, The Chronicle of Higher Education
China continues to be top spot for recruiting students to U.S., Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
• Uni sector rides on economic boom, Strait Times
Will MOOC’s take down branch campuses? We don’t think so,
• Hashtag recruitment and the social network's global reach, Times Higher Education
• Immigration scam by LMU leaves hundreds of Indian students in a state of panic, The Economic Times
Buyer Beware, Inside Higher Ed
• Knowing Who the International Student Is Will Help With Recruitment, University World News
• UK Immigration Staff to Test Foreign Students' English Skills, The Guardian
Colleges Are Wary of Global Economy's Effect on Foreign Enrollments, The Chronicle of Higher Education
• India to Overtake China in Undergraduate Mobility, The PIE News
Has the Sun Set on Internationalisation in Japan? The PIE News
India: Weak Rupee Threatens Outbound Mobility , The PIE News
• Only Top 500 Universities Can Enter India, The PIE News
In India, Path to Partnerships, Inside Higher Ed
• Interview on The PIE News
What is the Future of International Student Mobility? The Guardian
Business Schools: Looking Local for a Global Reach, New York Times
The India Connection, Diverse
• NACAC Group Hears Pros and Cons on Use of Paid Recruiting Agents, The Chronicle of Higher Education
India Opens Its Doors—Cautiously, NAFSA International Educator
International Enrollments at U.S. Colleges Grow But Still Rely on China, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Number of Indian Students Enrolled in US Colleges Falls in 5 Years, Business Standard
What's Your Foreign Degree Worth?, The Economic Times
Long live the arts!, QS Top Grad School Guide 2012
• International graduate study: a world of options, QS Top Grad School Guide 2012
Strict UK visa rules to affect Indian students, Business Standard
• Immigration fraud by US colleges, Economic Times
Making the numbers work, NAFSA International Educator
More Indian students seek admission in US, Times of India
• Visa applications soar for Indian students who want to study in U.S., The Chronicle of Higher Education
SUNY bets big on agents, InsideHigherEd
Colleges' growing international-education efforts fuel a quest for more market data, The Chronicle of Higher Education
• India and China – university superpowers of the future?, TopUniversities
• The making of a manager, The Business Enterprise, May 2011
France, Germany & Canada: New overseas education destinations for Indians, The Economic Times
Chinese women school India in doing business, Times of India
Record numbers of international students, BBC
• Universities respond to social media, University World News
• India: The next university superpower?, BBC
• Despite Hurdles, India Is Ripe for Partnerships, Educators Say, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Need for genuinely inclusive debate, EducationWorldOnline
German-Turkish University: where minds go, hearts may follow, Times Higher Education
Britain tightens grip on visas for Indian students, Economic Times
23K more Chinese join US universities than Indians, Times of India
Learning Curve, TIME magazine
Colleges See Booming Growth Of International Students, National Public Radio (NPR) Interview
Destination US: Indian students way behind Chinese, Business Standard
Plagiarism in B-schools, Pagalguy
All eyes on India, InsideHigherEd
UK, New Zealand, Australia lose sheen as student destinations, Business Standard
International student scene, InsideHigherEd
A prime problem: Research in India, EDU
A lesson for India in competition , The Wall Street Journal
Foreign campuses in India, Business Standard
Quality in Indian Higher Education, Telegraph
The Use of Recruiting Agents in the United States, World Education News & Report
India's public universities deserve a chance, DNA
Indians' push makes Graduate Management Admission Test truly global, DNA
Indian enrolment in US varsities slows down, DNA
Passage to India, InsideHigherEd
Global downturn is not all bad news for international educators, The Chronicle of Higher Education
Indian students are making a beeline to study Down Under, DNA
WES recognizes selected Indian three-year bachelor's degrees, Times of India
US agency recognises India's bachelor's degree, DNA
• B-School: How different is ISB? Rediff