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Global higher education trends and strategies invited plenary speaker Rahul Choudaha

Dr. Rahul Choudaha is known for his expertise in connecting research, data and trends on international student mobility trends and its implications for global engagement and enrollment strategies. For over a decade, Choudaha has advocated for future-oriented, data-informed internationalization strategies through his presentations, consultations, and publications. His global network of international educators and deep engagement with professional associations around the world endows him with innovative and strategic perspectives on the future directions of global higher education. He has presented over 100 sessions at professional conferences and has been quoted in global media including the BBC, Time, NPR, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Choudaha holds a doctorate in higher education, a master’s degree in business management and a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Dr. Choudaha Rahul expert speaker on international student mobility, enrollment trends USA

Dr. Choudaha leverages his international and interdisciplinary background to deliver persuasive, engaging and insightful presentations  

  • Megatrends in Global Higher Education 
  • Student Mobility and Decision-making Processes 
  • Emerging Technologies and Social Media 
  • Online Higher Education and Global Engagement 
  • International Recruitment and Enrollment Strategies 
  • International Student Retention 
  • Transnational/Cross-border Education 
  • Inclusion and Success of International Students 
  • Assessing International Enrollment Strategies 
  • Global Engagement Strategies 
  • Innovation in Internationalization of Higher Education 
  • Emerging Models of Global Partnerships 
  • Bridging Research and Practice in Higher Education 
  • Landscape of Indian Higher Education 
  • Data-driven Internationalization Strategies

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  • Australian International Education Conference, Melbourne Three Megatrends Shaping the Future of International Student Mobility 
  • OECD Higher Education Futures Conference, Singapore The Rise of Glocal Students and New Models of Transnational Education 
  • European Association for International Education, Glasgow Innovation in Internationalization of Higher Education 
  • China Education Association for International Exchange, Beijing Can China Become a Hub of "Glocal" Students? 
  • UCAS, Universities UK and the UK HE International Unit Joint Event, London Transnational Education: Trends and Opportunities
  • International Universities Networking Conference, Moscow New Opportunities of Engaging Regionally Mobile "Glocal" Students 
  • The British Universities' International Liaison Association, Liverpool Global Citizenship & Student Success

For speaking engagements, please contact: info@DrEducation.com