Excellence in B-Schools

Excerpt from my article published in MBA Review (November 2009).
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Indian higher education is in serious need of regulatory reforms, but I argue that many institutions are also finding excuses in the regulatory structures for ignoring areas which are very well within an institution’s reach. Institutions underestimate the value of students in their reputation building process. Students (and future alumni) are both their product and salesman. Quality of institution is very much judged by the quality of alumni and, hence, institutions should work on not only attracting the best talent, which includes faculty members, but also nurturing them as long-term brand ambassadors.
Excellence is directly related with leadership and leadership cannot be regulated. Hence, institutions which are truly determined to build world-class institutions, would assess, adapt and lead to achieve the goals. Indian B-Schools aspiring to achieve excellence need to make a transition from the existing mindset of imitation, costs and competition towards innovation, investments and collaborations.


  1. Rahul,
    interesting thoughts. India has always been at the crossroads of scarcity and abundance. While premier insitutions exist , quanitities thrive. This apart , for years pedagogy in India was aspirational with poor accessibility. The notable change now is that aspiration is more economic than role career alignment . Correction needs to be driven at creating higher entry barriers for B Schools to drive quality and relate speific skill focussed vocational careers. This year 10000 MBA's applied for 300 clerical jobs in State Bank of India. The other factor is India is largely a self employed economy with over 93% engaged in it. Therefore traditional entrepreneurs created busineses to safeguard family interests. MBA's are later on managing the show in patriachal organisations more as present day yes men to traditional munimji except he is hired because his is an MBA. Systemic corrections are needed at the root level before any one aspect can be developed

  2. inisghtful ! even in many premier indian institutes an overdose of seminars and "industry interaction" is substituted for real skill building

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