Public-Private Partnerships: Role of Pathway Programs for International Student Recruitment

Public-private partnerships are becoming critical for US higher education. I moderated a panel discussion of leaders from universities and pathway providers to identify some of the best practices for building successful public-private partnership for international enrollment growth and diversification. Given below is the panel of university and its pathway partner:

  • Ed Feser, Provost & Executive Vice President, Oregon State University
  • John Sykes, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President North America, INTO University Partnerships
  • Gayle Nunley, Director Global Educational Initiatives, University of Vermont
  • Emily Williams-Knight, Managing Director, Study Group
  • J. Tyler Hart, Chief Development Officer, Richard Bland College (RBC) of William & Mary
  • James Applegate, Senior Academic Advisor, Navitas North America
  • Jim Burkee, Executive Vice President, Concordia College New York
  • Jose Flores, Managing Director, Kings Education


This panel discussion took place at P3EDU, an invitation-only event hosted by George Mason University to bring together a select group of leaders to network and share best practices around public-private partnerships in higher education including international recruitment.

It relates to the NAFSA commissioned research report I led on the landscape third-party pathway partnerships and the reasons reported by international education professionals for considering to partner or not. In this report, I mapped 45 higher education institutions with eight third-party providers and conducted a survey of international education professionals to discover their perceptions on the reasons for partnering or not with third-party providers.

Honor to moderate this panel discussion on public private partnerships for international student recruitment and pathways.

While there are challenges, opportunities are even more. #highereducation #p3edu #intled #GlobalEd

— Rahul Choudaha, PhD (@DrEducationBlog) April 4, 2018