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Public-Private Partnerships: Role of Pathway Programs for International Student Recruitment

Public-private partnerships are becoming critical for US higher education. I moderated a panel discussion of leaders from universities and pathway providers to identify some of the best practices for building successful public-private partnership for international enrollment growth and diversification. Given below is the panel of university and its pathway partner:
Ed Feser, Provost & Executive Vice President, Oregon State University John Sykes, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President North America, INTO University Partnerships Gayle Nunley, Director Global Educational Initiatives, University of Vermont Emily Williams-Knight, Managing Director, Study Group J. Tyler Hart, Chief Development Officer, Richard Bland College (RBC) of William & MaryJames Applegate, Senior Academic Advisor, Navitas North America Jim Burkee, Executive Vice President, Concordia College New York Jose Flores, Managing Director, Kings Education  This panel discussion took place at P3EDU, an invitation-only …

Third-party Pathway Providers for International Recruitment: Outcomes and Experiences

Inside Higher Ed ran a series on the evolution of third-party pathway programs for international student recruitment in the US. This comprehensive and incisive reporting by Elizabeth Redden looks into multiple dimensions related to this complex and evolving topic. It relates to the NAFSA commissioned research report I led on the landscape third-party pathway partnerships and the reasons reported by international education professionals for considering to partner or not.

The article highlights that "Colleges have turned to the third-party pathway model for one main reason: to grow the population of full-pay international students, and in turn the revenue they bring. "

This aligns with the findings of the report. Given below are the topic five reasons for partnering with third-party pathway provider as reported by 347 professionals from 261 institutions who attended NAFSA conferences are:
To access recruitment network of pathway provider To expand enrollment of international st…

BCCIE: Megatrends and Global Issues in International Education

Conference theme for British Columbia Council for International Education (BCCIE) Summer Conference for 2018 is "Things we should be talking about in International Education." This theme prompts us to reflect on "what we think we are doing, and why, by poking holes in some of the assumptions embedded in International Education, by looking at things we are talking about, by suggesting things we should be talking about."

It asserts that "Our sector casts a long shadow and there may be other things we should be talking about:...our culling of the top economic strata from the global South’s burgeoning middle classes (our emerging markets) to fill our classrooms, quotas and coffers; our wilful ignorance of the demography and elitism of study abroad, building programs and pedestals for the 1% to springboard their careers. There are uncomfortable conversations to be had to be sure."

I am will be presenting a Thought Leadership session on "Preparing for th…