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Envisioning pathways to 2030: Webinar and report on global higher education and international student mobility

What are the megatrends shaping the world around us? How are these megatrends transforming the future of global higher education? What are the implications for the mobility of international students and global engagement strategies?

These are the questions addressed in an upcoming report, “Envisioning pathways to 2030: Megatrends shaping the future of global higher education and international student mobility”, published by Studyportals, the global study choice platform. The report synthesizes perspectives of higher education leaders, analyzes number of external shifts (megatrends), and presents a conceptual framework for institutions to reflect, assess, and design their strategies leading up to 2030.

Highlights of the report will be shared and discussed during a webinar (online panel discussion) with university presidents.
Dr. David Finegold, President, Chatham UniversityDr. Fernando León García, President, CETYS University SystemDr. Wendy M. Purcell FRSA, Harvard University & Em…