Webinar with University and College President on Global Engagement

How is the landscape of higher education shifting and what does global engagement mean for universities and colleges today? What innovative approaches are they taking and what are the lessons for other institutions aiming to internationalize?

These are some of the questioned discussed with university and college presidents in a webinar entitled “The Innovation Imperative for a Globally Relevant and Impactful University.” This offered a unique opportunity to learn from the perspectives of global higher education leaders. Access the video recording of this discussion.

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The future directions of higher education indicate increasing competition for talent, resources and reputation. If innovation is defined as creating value within constraints, then higher education is in dire need of it. In specific, institutional leaders must prepare for the coming decade of disruptive models that will change the way we prioritize, design and implement global engagement strategies.

In this 60-minutes webinar, a panel of university presidents will deliberate the shifting landscape of higher education and how they are leading their universities to a future of balancing local relevance and global impact? What is the role of strategic and innovative approach in translating their vision into results? What are the lessons learned and what are the implications for institutions preparing their internationalization strategies?