Presenting at CSHE, UC Berkeley on International Student Mobility

I am honored to be presenting at an international conference celebrating 60th anniversary of the Center for Studies in Higher Education at UC Berkeley. The event led by John Aubrey Douglass, co-editor of Envisioning the Asian New Flagship University – Its Past and Vital Future and CSHE Senior Research Fellow – Public Policy and Higher Education will take place on November 16 and 17.

The conference theme of “New Nationalism and Universities Global Perspectives on Politics and Policy and the Future of Higher Education” is set in the new political context which is altering various aspects of higher education including flow of global talent, institutional autonomy, and financial vitality of public universities. CSHE event will convene leading scholars and practitioners to reflect and analyze following questions comparatively, from sub-Sahara Africa, to Europe, South America, the US and Asia, and with reference to five interrelated “Policy Realms.”

  • Academic Freedom and Civil Liberties – How and to what degree are national governments restricting or influencing freedom of speech and teaching and learning within universities?
  • Institutional Autonomy and University Governance – To what degree are governments seeking controls and steering of universities, and influencing their management capacity to meet government political needs?
  • Talent Mobility and Immigration – What national policies are emerging and influencing the in-flow and out-flow of academic and student talent?
  • Universities and Intellectual Property and Trade – Do current or potential trade restrictions, sanctions and government controls on IP related to New Nationalism have an impact on the international market for ideas and inventions?
  • Universities and International Engagement – How do nationalistic government priorities shape and possibly restrict the ability of universities to engage with the international community?

Dr Saleem Badat, Program Director, The Andrew W Mellon Foundation
Henry Brady, Dean, Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley
Igor Chirikov, Vice-Rector, HSE University Moscow
Carol Christ, Chancellor, UC Berkeley & former Director, CSHE
John Aubrey Douglass, CSHE Senior Researcher, UC Berkeley
Isak Froumin, Head of Institute of Education, Higher School of Economics
James Johnsen, President, University of Alaska
Marcelo Knobel, Rector, University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil
Christine Musselin, Dean for Research, Sciences Po, CSO, CNRS
Brendan O’Malley, Chairman/ Managing Editor, University World News
Robert Shireman, Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation Prof Grace
Ufuk Taneri, Chancellor Emeritus, Eastern Mediterranean University
Prof Marijk van der Wende, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
The Rt Hon Lord David Willetts, Visiting Professor, King’s College, London

-Rahul Choudaha