New book: NAFSA’s Guide to International Student Recruitment

NAFSA released the third edition of the Guide to International Student Recruitment. This edition compiles the latest tools, resources, and strategies from the professionals in the field of international enrollment management. As the Table of Content shows that this book distills deep and wide professional expertise of the authors in its 275 pages.

The editor of the book Jessica Black Sandberg noted in her introduction–“These may feel like uncertain times for our profession, but international education has always been at the mercy of geopolitical conditions. While the ebb and flow of student traffic has fluctuated over the last several decades, the general trend has always been upward. One step back. Two steps forward. Worries about the political landscape should not hold us back. They should propel us forward. This book was designed to provide you with the tools to build a robust, precise, and effective recruitment strategy that reflects the goals and challenges of your particular operation. It is meant to serve as both a primer and a lasting resource.”

I had an honor to contribute the final chapter on Assessing Return on Investment in International Student Recruitment.  In an article published in MIT Sloan Management Review, the authors of “The Metrics That Marketers Muddle” argue “that the biggest challenge with ROI isn’t a technical deficiency but confusion over how it is used.” Given the pressures of increasing revenue and reducing cost, it is measuring the effectiveness of international student recruitment is becoming integral to defining and executing recruitment strategies.

Introduction | Jessica Black Sandberg
1 A History of International Recruitment in U.S. Higher Education | Stephen C. Dunnett
2 Ethics in International Student Recruitment | Panetha Theodosia Nychis Ott
3 Assessing Your Institution’s Readiness to Recruit International Students | Salma Benhaida
4 Developing Human Resource Capacity for International Recruitment | David L. Di Maria
5 Creating an International Recruitment Plan | Julie Sinclair and Patty Croom
6 Building Foreign Educational Credential Evaluation Expertise | Linda Riley
7 Exploring Diversity Beyond the Big 3: China, India, and South Korea | Ben Iverson
8 Effective Marketing Practices for International Student Recruitment: Simplifying the Complexity of Academic Global Branding| Ben Waxman and Cathryn Andrews
9 International Recruitment Travel | Stavroula Boutsis
10 Recruitment Fairs | Marjorie S. Smith
11 It Takes a Village: Recruiting, Enrolling, and Supporting Sponsored Students at Your Institution | Gabriele Schmiegel
12 Recruiting International Students at U.S. High Schools | Jessica Black Sandberg
13 Recruiting via Conditional Admission and Pathway Programs | Jim Crawley
14 Alumni Involvement in International Recruitment Initiatives | Aaron Zdawczyk
15 Partnering With Agents | Stephanie Scoby
16 Recruitment Strategies for Intensive English Programs | Lisa Kraft and Nadia Redman
17 Making the Case for International Recruitment at Community Colleges | Marci Fradkin
18 International Recruitment for Graduate Programs | William Elliott
19 Assessing Return on Investment in International Student Recruitment| Rahul Choudaha

– Rahul