Dr. Rahul Choudaha is a Keynote Speaker at Lewy Global Education Technology Forum @ SIT

Global Education Technology Forum Keynote Speaker Rahul Choudaha

The Lewy Global Education Technology Forum at the School of International Training (SIT), Brattleboro, VT will bring together leaders in the field of education to discuss challenges and opportunities to improve our use of technology to teach, to collaborate, and to include a diversity of students, faculty, and staff in achieving our mission of education the next generation of global leaders.

Dr. Rahul Choudaha of DrEducation will be delivering a keynote on Tuesday, April 25 on Accelerating Campus Internationalization with Technology: Emerging Trends and Strategies.”

Here is the brief description:
As technology solutions become increasingly sophisticated and innovative, students are not only embracing this change, they are also expecting more. However, higher education institutions in general lag behind in technology innovation and student adoption. For example, MOOCs (massive open online courses) have gone from being revolutionary to redundant with varying degrees of acceptance by academia. However, as institutional resources decline and technology matures, many institutions are discovering that it’s time to explore, experiment, and engage through technology. We’ll look at the promise of technology for campus internationalization – including emerging approaches, opportunities and challenges for faculty and administrators — and how institutions can leverage technology to accelerate internationalization.

Here is a summary of blog published in Huffington Post.

The Forum sessions will explore a wide-ranging topics of current interests and emerging innovations related to technology spread across four different themes–Technology for Inclusion, Technology for Collaboration, Technology for Administration, and Technology for Learning. Here is the list of session titles.

  • Cross-Cultural E-Mentoring to Develop Problem-Solving and Online Learning Communities
  • Maptia, Medium, and Storify: The Future of Online Collaborative Writing
  • RoadAmico, A Hosted Platform for Place-Base, Experiential Learning
  • Using Podcasts for Independent Study Project Presentations
  • Meeting Students in Cyberspace: Field Course Academic Blogs
  • Usability Testing for a Global Audience
  • Accessible Virtual Platforms
  • Climate Change: Digital Technologies for Modelling and Comparative Collaboration
  • Innovations in Enhancing Student Stipend Safety
  • Education in the Digital Era: Practices and Implications
  • Digital Games & Gamification: Turkish Games
  • Tech Solutions for Teaching Research Methods and Ethics
  • Transitioning to the Virtual Learning Classroom
  • Carol Richmond, Faculty, University of New Mexico and Assumption College
  • Developing Online Writing Courses That Support Active, Project-Based Learning
  • An Educational Approach to Media Literacy: Examples from Latin America
  • Five Ways to Work Faster with Project Management Software
  • Virtual Meetings: An Examination of Challenges, Tools, and Solutions
  • Collaborating for Learning Using Modern Productivity Tools
  • The Impact of Online Collaboration on Teacher Performance
  • Donald B. Watt Library: Search!
  • Transforming an Experiential Youth Program to the Digital Sphere
  • Moodle: Tune-Up
  • Digital Media Literacies: Developing Learner Independence, Providing Lifelong Benefits
  • Using Storify as a Learning Tool
  • SharePoint: What Is It and How Will It Be Useful to Me?
  • Your Course and Copyright