Research on International Student Experiences: Special Issue of Studies in Higher Education

Studies in Higher Education is a peer-reviewed journal with the 2015 Impact Factor of 1.222. The Special Issue (Vol. 42, No. 5) of the Journal focused on “The international student experience: voices and perspectives.”

Mary-Louise Kearney and Daniel Lincoln, Co-editors, Special Issues write “the experience of studying abroad has moved centre stage, due to exponentially increasing student demand from emerging economies and to the global nature of advanced knowledge. Universities, for their part, compete aggressively to attract top talent and shore up their international rankings. The international student experience lies at the centre of this dynamic.”

This special issue was coordinated by Tang Tang Heng of the National Institute of Education (NIE), Singapore as the guest editor. I had an opportunity to be part of the special issue by contributing the opening article that sets the context of the student mobility in three overlapping waves of seven years each.


  • The international student experience: voices and perspectives, Mary-Louise Kearney & Daniel Lincoln

Understanding the International Student Experience

  • Three waves of international student mobility, Rahul Choudaha
  • Voices of Chinese international students in USA colleges: ‘I want to tell them that … ’, Tang T. Heng
  • Internationalization of Canadian higher education: discrepancies between policies and international student experiences, Yan Guo & Shibao Guo
  • Neo-nationalism in higher education: case of South Africa, Jenny J. Lee

Supporting the International Student Experience

  • Supporting international students through strengthening their social resources, Nancy Arthur
  • Faculty as bridges to co-curricular engagement and community for first-generation international students, Chris R. Glass, Peggy Gesing, Angela Hales & Cong Cong
  • Higher education institutions and the administration of international student rights: a law and policy analysis, Gaby Ramia
  • Erasmus students’ involvement in quality enhancement of Erasmus+ mobility through digital ethnography and ErasmusShouts, Manja Klemenčič, Martin Žnidaršič, Anže Vavpetič & Matej Martinc

Reimagining the International Student Experience

  • Problematising and reimagining the notion of ‘international student experience’, Elspeth Jones