How many students from India, China and Korea study in the US for business and management programs?

One out of every five international students in the U.S. is enrolled in Business/Management programs. The number of international students in undergraduate (associate’s and bachelor’s) and graduate (master’s and doctoral) programs increased by 36% from 145,514 in 2009/10 to 197,258 in 2014/15, according to IIE Open Doors data. This data indicates total enrollment across the duration of the programs and not annual new intake.
The share of top-3 countries of origin–China, India, and S. Korea–among all international students in Business/Management programs grew from 41% (59,329) to 53% (105,429). This growth was driven by China which grew by 160% in contrast to 11% and 13% decline for India and S. Korea.
The majority of the Indian students are in master’s-level programs. Many are also in specialized master’s programs like MS in Management and not an MBA. Based on the total enrollment of about 16,000 students in 2014/15, I would estimate that annual intake of new MBA students from India is in the range of 3,000-5,000.
In contrast to India, the┬ámajority of Chinese students in Business/Management programs are in bachelor’s level degree programs (60%). Higher demand from China for longer duration bachelor’s programs (4 years), the total enrollment (stock) of Chinese students is higher than that for Indian students. I would estimate total intake of new MBA students from China would be in the range of 8,000-10,000.
Business/Management programs are still eligible for only one-year of Optional Practical Training as compared to the 36-months for STEM programs. This poses increasing challenges of finding internship and career advancement opportunities for international students.

– Rahul Choudaha, PhD