Keynote on trends with regionally mobile ‘glocal’ students at IUNC Eurasia, Moscow 2016

IUNC (International Universities Networking Conference) Eurasia conference will take place in Moscow, Russia from May 11-13. It will be bring together international educators and service providers responsible for recruiting international students, building global partnerships and supporting internationalization activities.

Rahul Choudaha, DrEudcation to deliver keynote at IUNC Moscow conference on global higher education and international student mobility

I will be delivering a keynote presentation on the overarching theme of global higher education trends and in specific focus on “New Opportunities of Engaging Regionally Mobile ‘Glocal’ Students.”

In my previous articles, I have conceptualized ‘Glocal’ students as an expanding segment of students who seek international education experience/credential while staying in the country or region.

More than 4 million students were enrolled in tertiary education outside their country of citizenship, according to OECD. Nearly 800,000 or every one out of five foreign student in OECD countries come from neighboring countries that share land or maritime borders. (Education at  Glance, OECD). These are ‘glocal’ students. With increasing demand for foreign education in emerging countries and new models of transnational education, the ‘glocal’ student segment will grow. Several countries have also been working towards creating regional education hubs. ‘Glocal’ students present promising opportunities of growth and engagement with many countries in Eurasia region.

Here are few examples of ‘glocal’ students:
– One out of five students studying wholly overseas for a UK degree through a distance learning program (HESA, UK)
– 70% of international students in Japan are from China, Korea and Vietnam
– More Malaysian students in branch campuses of UK universities (45,000) than those going to the UK (15,000)
-21% of all foreign students in OECD countries came from countries that share land or maritime borders
-11,825 Indian students pursued MBBS from China in 2012-2014 and appeared in test to practice in India

I look forward to IUNC

– Dr. Rahul Choudaha