Research on international student success: Call For contributions

Much has been researched on mobility of international students for meeting recruitment and enrollment goals of higher education institutions. However, corresponding discourse and evidence on campus experiences and how they contribute to success of international students is rather limited.

[Update: Final editorial on the special issue is available here]

I have the privilege of serving as the editor of the special issue on International Student Success for the Journal of International Students, a peer-reviewed, quarterly publication founded and edited by Dr. Krishna Bista, Chase Endowed Professor of Education in the School of Education at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Submission deadline is June 15, 2016 and the issue will be released in November 2016. Email submissions/queries to me at

academic and career success of foreign students research

The aim of this special issue is to advance research agenda and improve institutional practices with an aim of helping international students succeed in their academic and career pursuits. Potential research themes are:
• What are the needs, experiences and expectations of international students?
• What are successful practices, programs and approaches to help international students succeed?
• What is the empirical evidence of impact of support services and how they can be improved?

This special issue invites two types of submissions from around the world:

1. Empirical studies from researchers/scholars/academics (3,500-4,500 words)
2. Commentary and analysis from experienced practitioners (1,000-1,500 words)

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Dr. Rahul Choudaha