Top-30 world universities with largest number of international students

Australian and British universities are highly successful in attracting international students from around the world. Especially, given the relatively small size of the overall Australian higher education system, the large numbers of foreign show high maturity and dependency of Australian institutions on foreign students. [I will be discussing on this at the upcoming webinar entitled Global Student Mobility: Insights and Implications for Your Recruitment Strategy hosted by International Education Association of Australia (IEAA).]

Here is the list I compiled by taking top-20 universities in Australia, the UK and the US in terms of international student enrollment and sorting top-30 of total 60 universities. The results are:
Among top-10: Australia=5,   US=3 and UK=2
Among top-20: Australia=8,   US=8 and UK=4
Among top-30: Australia=10, US=9 and UK=11

top world universities with largest number of international students


This analysis excludes other leading destinations like Germany and Canada, due to unavailability of parallel data that indicates international student enrollment all institutions in the country. For example, McGill University enrolled 8,887 international students in 2013, but it is not included in the analysis. For feedback, questions, clarifications write to .

For the UK and Australia, the numbers exclude offshore or transnational education enrollments.
The data for Australia has been updated and reflected in the chart. Previous data incorrectly included offshore data for some universities.

Dr. Rahul Choudaha (Author)