New York losing out to California in attracting international students

SEVP released its latest “SEVIS by the Numbers” report.  It In addition, it launched a useful tool of “Mapping SEVIS by the Numbers“–an interactive mapping tool to explore changing patterns.

Latest report provides deeper insights about the enrollment pattern in STEM programs with focus on female students. It notes that the number of faemale F & M STEM students enrolled in computer and information sciences and support services increased by 116% from 2010 to 2015. Most of this growth was contributed by enrollment growth in master’s level programs.


One interesting data point illustrates that California is winning over New York in attracting international students. While California is already the largest destination in the US, in last two years, it has become even larger by adding 43,691 international students. In contrast,  New York added 18,632 international students. Even Texas, is not far from New York and enrolled16,857 students more in 2015 than 2013.


Dr. Rahul Choudaha