How to raise resources for campus internationalization strategies?

One of the recent publication from NAFSA: Association of International Educators–Developing Sustainable Resources for Internationalization–aims at providing strategies to acquire resources needed for advancing comprehensive campus internationalization efforts. The publication is very timely as there is an increasing interest among institutions to expand internationalization, but few are investing and committing the resources to the proportional level.
The authors, Dr. John K. Hudzik and Dr. Penelope J. Pynes translate their extensive experiences in leading campus internationalization by providing a practical approach of engaging campus stakeholders and acquiring resources. They advise that developing sustainable resources for internationalization can be pursed through two primary channels. First by connecting internationalization to existing resources and second, by seeking new money.
1. Connect Internationalization to Existing Resources
“Institutional resources already committed to existing programs, units, and projects fall roughly into two categories: those already committed to existing institutional programs and activity not manifestly connected to international activity, and uncommitted strategic investment pots or pools, also not manifestly connected to internationalization.” (p.11)
2. Seek and Get New Money for Internationalization
“The sources of new money are numerous but fall generally into two categories: the internal reallocation of existing money or resources, and attracting additional funds from outside the campus. In reality you need an inside and an outside strategy as deliberate components of your plan for new money.” (p.17)
The publication also includes a useful checklist in identifying and assessing existing resources which in turn can help in guiding the best fit approach. Overall, this is a useful resource for international education professionals seeking to advancing internationalization at their campuses.
Dr. Rahul Choudaha