Enrollment statistics of international high schools students in the US

What are the trends with the international students enrolled in the US secondary schools? This is the overarching question addressed by a recent report published by the Institute of International Education “Charting new pathways to higher education: International secondary students in the United States” which offers insights for enrollment and recruitment strategies. It notes that in October 2013 there were nearly 73,000 international students were pursuing a secondary-level education in the US, with nearly two-third enrolled for a full diploma (48,632).
Here are the key highlights:


  • What the leading source countries for international high school students?
US high schools are even more dependent on China as compared to universities and colleges.


China is the largest source country of high schools students to the US



  • How do enrollment of high school students differ in terms of control of institution –private vs. public?

Majority of international high school students are enrolled in private institutions.

public universities enroll most of international students



  • How do enrollment of high school students differ by the size of private school?

Two-third of all international high school students on F-1 visa are enrolled in small to mid-size institutions.

enrollment of high school students by size of private institution


Author: Dr. Rahul Choudaha