How universities and colleges can improve experiences of international students? What are the best practices?

NAFSA commissioned a national research “Bridging the Gap: Recruitment and Retention to Improve International Student Experiences” to investigate the reasons why international undergraduate students leave their institutions of first enrollment and what are the best practices to avoid attrition? The research was a response to increasing number of international students in American campuses and the widening gap between expectations of students and capacities of institutions to support them.

foreign student and university perspective on research and strategies
One of the key take-away of the research was “that poor retention is a function of the mismatch between expectations of students prior to enrollment and the actual experience of students once they are on campus.” Three key implications of the study for institutions improving the experiences and setting proper expectations with international students are: -understanding the diverse needs of the international student body,
-coordinating internationalization efforts across campus, and
-investing in programs and services that improve student experiences.
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Dr. Rahul Choudaha