Comparative data on enrollment of Chinese and Indian students in US, UK and Australia

Drivers of mobility of international students are complex, which makes it even more difficult to devise effective, long term recruitment strategies. Consider the case of the global mobility of top two sending countries–China and India. While the growth of Chinese students to major destinations is a clear growth trend, many are still perplexed with decline in the enrollment of Indian students. This becomes evident from the comparison of Indian and Chinese student enrollment in top three destinations–Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Data on International Student Enrollment in US, UK and Australia
Comparative Data on Enrollment of Chinese and Indian Students in US, UK and Australia

Here are some of the trends:

  1. Number of Chinese students showed a consistent pattern of growth, while Indian students showed a consistent decline
  2. Number of Chinese students enrolling in the US increased at the fastest rate, while number of Indian students in Australia declined at the sharpest rate
  3. Indian student mobility is highly concentrated in the US followed by UK and Australia. Seventy-three percent of all Indian students headed to the US, UK or Australia were enrolled in the US.
  4. Chinese enrollment is more diversified with US as the preferred destination followed by Australia and the UK. Fifty-seven percent of all Chinese students headed to the US, UK or Australia were enrolled in the US
  • What are the implications for international student recruitment strategies?
  • What are the reasons for decline of Indian students going abroad to study in the US, Australia and UK?

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Dr. Rahul Choudaha

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