EAIE Marketing & Recruitment Plenary on “International Recruitment Strategy: What Works, What Doesn’t?”

I will be chairing the Marketing & Recruitment Opening Event (plenary) at European Association for International Education (EAIE) Annual Conference in Istanbul on Wednesday, September 11. The session entitled “International recruitment strategy: what works, what doesn’t?” focuses on the importance of informed strategic choices in achieving goals of international student recruitment.

Some of the tough strategic choices in international student recruitment are–which markets to prioritize (traditional large volume or smaller but growing markets)? Which segment of students to recruit (balancing academic preparedness and financial resources)? Which recruitment channels (social media, agents or fairs) to invest in?

The presenters are experienced professionals with deep expertise in the field of international student recruitment. They will present a comparative persepctive on some of the tough choices they made and what were the results:

  • Carmel Murphy, Executive Director, Office of Admissions and Director International, The University of Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. Carmel will highlight the strategic choices she had to make as a result of the University’s curriculum reform (Melbourne Model) and investment in offshore human resources.
  • Andrew P. Disbury, Director of the International Office, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, ENGLAND. Andrew will share his choice of building China market and as payoffs from the “market presenteeism”–its costs, benefits and future directions.
  • Joseph Hindrawan, Associate Vice Provost and  Director, International Enrollment Management, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, USA. Joe will share strategic decision on investing in building iternal capacity and not employing any recruitment agents.

The purpose of this interactive session is to help create informed strategies that move from following three ineffective strategies to “Do the Right Thing.” As Michael Porter rightly said “Strategy renders choices about what not to do as important as choices about what to do.”

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Dr. Rahul Choudaha