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Statistics on Indian Higher Education 2012-2013

What are the different types of degree-granting institutions (universities/colleges) in India? What is the enrollment of Indian students by level of education? What are the top fields of study for Indian Students? These are some of the frequently asked questions about data and statistics related to the size and scale of Indian higher education system. Given below is the latest information available from University Grants Commission of India.

Please click here to see latest data for 2016 and growth from 2008.

EAIE Marketing & Recruitment Plenary on "International Recruitment Strategy: What Works, What Doesn’t?"

I will be chairing the Marketing & Recruitment Opening Event (plenary) at European Association for International Education (EAIE) Annual Conference in Istanbul on Wednesday, September 11. The session entitled "International recruitment strategy: what works, what doesn’t?" focuses on the importance of informed strategic choices in achieving goals of international student recruitment.

Some of the tough strategic choices in international student recruitment are--which markets to prioritize (traditional large volume or smaller but growing markets)? Which segment of students to recruit (balancing academic preparedness and financial resources)? Which recruitment channels (social media, agents or fairs) to invest in?

The presenters are experienced professionals with deep expertise in the field of international student recruitment. They will present a comparative persepctive on some of the tough choices they made and what were the results:
Carmel Murphy, Executive Director, Off…

Why US and Australia should pay attention to UK strategy on transnational education?

UK released its International education strategy that articulates a strategic intent towards the expansion of offshore activities of British Universities through a range of initiatives including transnational education and MOOCs. [I will be delivering a keynote at a conference discussing trends, practices and developments related to Transnational education in the context of this strategy. The conference to be held on October 22d in London is jointly organized by UCAS, Universities UK and the UK HE International Unit.]

Mitch Gordon of Go Overseas shares his entrepreneurial journey

Mitch Gordon, Co-founder & CEO, Go Overseas

Mitch Gordon is from upstate NY and lived in Taipei, Taiwan for four years before moving to San Francisco, where he currently resides. Mitch is an entrepreneur, starting a number of companies in the field of travel & education. His most recent company, Go Overseas, has quickly become the most trusted resource on the internet for researching study, teach and volunteer abroad programs around the world. Mitch is also currently the Entrepreneur in Residence at the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business/ SkyDeck Incubator. When he’s not working you can find him playing sports, hiking, traveling or reading.

Rahul- What are the key services your organization provides? How would you describe your target customer and the unmet needs you are serving?
Mitch- Go Overseas is a review and community site for programs abroad. We’re the Yelp/ Airbnb for programs abroad. We list every study, volunteer, teach, internship & Gap Year progra…