Big Getting Bigger: Large Research Universities Driving the Growth of International Student Enrollment

Just 108 universities enrolled nearly two-fifth of all international students in the US. These 108 universities are classified as “Research Universities (very high research activity)” by Carnegie Classification. In fact, these universities drove most of the growth in the last five years and increased their share from 37.7% of total international student enrollment in the US to about 42.5%. International student enrollment at these universities grew by 38% as compared to 23% for all institutions, according to IIE Open Doors report. Clearly indicating a trend towards “big getting bigger.”
It is also interesting to note that two-thirds of the Research Universities (very high research activity) are publicly institutions like University of Iowa and University at Buffalo and not the private universities. This relates to the narrative of budget cuts in public institutions and hence higher acceptance of international students to meet some of the shortfall. Here is a related post of examples of dramatic increase of international students at some public institutions.

Dr. Rahul Choudaha