Interest in Foreign MBA: Chinese Women Lead the Charts

Interest for studying Business/Management programs abroad has significantly grown among Chinese women as seen from the number of GMAT test-takers.

Chinese women outstrip all segments among BRIC countries both in terms of percentage growth and absolute numbers of GMAT test-takers, even surpassing males in all four countries. With more than 25,000 Chinese women taking GMAT in 2010-11, it is the single largest segment showing consistent growth over the years.

Number of Chinese women taking GMAT increased by nearly 18,000 in five years from 2006-07 to 2010-11 as compared to decline in women test-takers in the US by 2,775 from 48,510 to 45,735 in the same period.

It seems that a confluence of sociocultural and economic factors are offering more opportunities for Chinese women to study business programs abroad.


Dr. Rahul Choudaha

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