Is Master’s the New Bachelor’s Degree?

I am now blogging for Huffington Post on higher education related stories and trends. Here is my first post Who Goes for Which Master’s Degree?

May is the month of commencements. This year, more than 1.6 million students will graduate with a bachelor’s degree. While it is a matter of celebration for the students to achieve a major milestone in their life, it is also a harsh reality that now they have to face either a tight job market or an expensive graduate school.

Research by David J. English shows that “individuals most likely to aspire to, apply for, and enroll in graduate school were dependent students who obtained high undergraduate grade point averages, majored in the humanities, social or behavioral sciences, mathematics, or life and physical sciences, and attended a master’s or doctoral institution.”

Top three broad fields for first time enrollment in master’s degree are Education, Business and Health Science, according to CGS/GRE Survey. Nearly 45% of all master’s students enroll in one of these three degrees.

Deciding to go for a master’s degree is costly, complex and confusing process. Having a deeper understanding of the fit and future career opportunities may help you make an informed choice. With more than 650,000 students graduating with a master’s degree this year, perhaps “the master’s is the new bachelor’s

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Dr. Rahul Choudaha

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