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International Undergraduate Student Recruitment: Reversal of Trends for 2015?

Enrollment of Indian students in undergraduate programs in the US for Fall'2010 has declined by ~8% as compared to previous year (IIE Open Doors, 2011). In contrast, China enrollment at undergraduate level has increased by 43%. This translates into increase of 17,055 Chinese students as compared to decrease of 1,188 Indian undergraduate students. Are these trends for Chinese and Indian undergraduate students sustainable? What are the future directions?
Undergraduate Student Enrollment in the US (IIE Open Doors)
                    India   |  China
09/10        15,192 39,921
10/11        14,004  56,976
% change      -8%     43% I project that beginning 2015, growth directions of undergraduate market for China and India would start showing an opposite pattern (I was quoted on this in the Chronicle of Higher Education). This is the time when India would emerge as a major market for undergraduate student recruitment while China would start showing a decline.

Decline of Chinese undergr…

The Missing Quality and Relevance Mindset

In November, I presented at two conferences on higher education in India--FICCI Higher Education Summit and CII.

At FICCI, I co-presented in plenary session on Internationalization with following speakers:
Mr Anand Sudarshan, MD & CEO, Manipal Education  Dr Kavita Sharma, Director, India International Centre Prof Dame Joan Stringer, Principal & Vice Chancellor, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland Mr Nirmal Pal, Regional Director for India, Pennsylvania State UniversityDr Sheila Embleton, President, Canada India Education Council (CIEC), Canada My core argument was that India is lacking a quality mindset and internationalization is emerging as a competitive compulsion to inculcate quality. By any indicators of excellence, India is falling behind. It is ironical and embarrassing that with the largest number of B-Schools in the world, India does not have a single B-school which is AACSB accredited (B-school Bubble). Likewise, only 4,300 colleges out of ~33,000 colleges in Ind…