Admissions marketing mantras

Many wrongfully assume that marketing of colleges is same as marketing of cars, cell phones or cola. The result is undifferentiated positioning, overpromising of offerings, poor delivery of programs and disengaged customers i.e. students and alumni.

The alternative is to understand the key characteristics of higher education services and implement a marketing strategy that maps the needs of targeted student segments with the institutional program offerings.

Smit and Cavusgil note, “Colleges are selling highly intangible products with many costs other than money. The college student pays greatly in terms of time, loss of other potential income, psychic costs, and inconvenience costs. A college education obviously calls for an extreme level of involvement from its consumer.”

Marketing of higher education should focus on reaching to and communicating with the targeted segment of prospective students. It should help in bridging the information gap and engaging the prospective students about mutual fit.

#1. Recognise the role of admissions
#2. Marketing is not advertising
#3. Students are the best brand ambassadors
#4. The value of segments
#5. Internet and word-of-mouth matters
#6. Think talent supply chain and partnerships

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