Drivers of Mobility of Indian and Chinese Students

I was quoted in BBC article entitled- Record numbers of international students. Also, published article entitled- Drivers of Mobility of Chinese and Indian Students in Boston College’s International Higher Education.

India and China are becoming increasingly influential, not only in the global economy but also in the supply of globally mobile students. Regarding Chinese and Indian students, on the supply side, two key drivers are increasing prosperity, which enables the ability to afford foreign education, and rapid expansion of the system of higher education at the expense of quality. On the demand side, two key drivers are universities’ aggressive approach to recruiting students to compensate for budget cuts and access to a wider range of recruitment channels and service providers. More details on IHE article (pg. 26).

On the receiving countries side, US is already the leading destination for Indian and Chinese students and will attract a even bigger share of international students in next couple of years. This will be primarily driven by direction of visa refom in Australia and the UK, which will restrict attractiveness of these destinations.

Dr. Rahul Choudaha

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