Comprehensive internationalization strategy for higher education institutions

Published article on the need of comprehensive internationlization strategy for higher education institutions in the EDU magazine. Given below is the summary. Click here to read the full article.

Internationalization is a competitive compulsion for higher education institutions that are in the race for quality and excellence. There are several Indian institutions which have approached internationalization in a piecemeal fashion, however, there are no exemplars which have pursued a comprehensive strategy.

This is critical as internationalization is an expensive process with controllable and uncontrollable risks. Further, gaining the confidence of reputed foreign universities for collaborations or recruiting foreign students is a time and resource intensive process.

Comprehensive internationalization is an opportunity to create long-term differentiation and value-addition for the university or college. Here are five steps to approach it:

– Develop an internationalization plan
– Align processes and resources
– Forge sustainable and innovative collaborations
– Take a talent perspective
– Develop thought leadership

Relevant resources:
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– Strategy for Comprehensive Internationalization: Portland State University
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Dr. Rahul Choudaha