Is India ahead in “industrialization” of education?

Here are two very interesting videos highlighting the need for an education system that builds on the strengths of a student and not necessarily mass produces them through a factory line. First, Sir Ken Robinson urges to break the industrial model of education and move to agricultural model. Industrial model pursues “linearity” and “conformity” while agricultural model accepts diversity of talent and creates enabling environment for growth.

Second, video from a New York Times story, is about what every college aspiring Indian student knows–how competitive it is to get into top professional colleges. This directly proves how Indian education system is truly “industrialized” and how middle-class children are tunnel-visioned in terms of career options. It seems India is definitely more industrialized at least by the definition of Sir Robinson as linearity and conformity are very deeply ingrained throughout the educational pipeline.

What are the solutions? What new learning models exist or should exist for education innovation?

Dr. Rahul Choudaha

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