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Guru Mantra: Pawan Agarwal, Author-Indian Higher Education


Balancing Quality and Quantity in Private Higher Education

In my earlier posting, I discussed about the high quality innovative model of ISB, which is a private institution and has not pursued local approvals from AICTE, but still managed to attain global rank of 15 in the Financial Times ranking. In contrast, the quality of a large number of the private higher education institutions in India, even after being approved by the regulator, ranges from pathetic to poor.

In the last decade, share of private institutions in professional education like engineering and management have increased to nearly 90%. But this expansion came at the expense of the quality (see International Engineering Education by Wadhwa et al.). Who is responsible for poor quality of higher education in India--regulators or institutions?

History suggests that when private players were allowed an opportunity to enter higher education, they misused it for profiteering from students. For example, the Chhattisgarh Private University Act, 2002, which gave state government power to…

Quest for World-Class Institutions in India

Prof. Philip Altbach defined India as "A World-Class Country without World-Class Higher Education." Recently, World Bank released a report entitled The Challenge of Establishing World-Class Universities (Jamil Salmi). It highlights that "Becoming a member of the exclusive group of world-class universities is not achieved by self-declaration; rather, elite status is conferred by the outside world on the basis of international recognition" (p. 15). This is critical as numerous institutions in India have declared themselves to be "world-class." For example, IIPM defines itself to be India's Global B-School; proposed Vedanta University aspires to be a world class and even Prime Minister of India has announced establishment of 14 world class universities in XIth five-year plan. Going by the number of "self-declared" world-class institutions in India, we may end up having more world-class institutions in India than in any other part of the world. …

Guru Mantra: P Kishore, Founder & MD, Everonn

Mr. P Kishore
Founder & Managing Director – Everonn Systems India Ltd
Mr. Kishore a first generation entrepreneur had his formative lessons at Breeks Memorial School, Udagamandalam; followed by collegiate education at Coimbatore. He later enhanced his academic credentials with a diploma in commerce. His passion for education finds him in constant learning mode...
He stared his career with Synergistic Software and Management Consultants in the early eighties but soon his inclination towards entrepreneurial initiatives saw him change track.
Kishore who is very passionate about education, ventured into this space to leverage his passion. This saw the birth of Systems International (his first partnership firm). Taking technology to the grass root was Kishore’s vision, his first break towards a national presence came when Government of Tamil Nadu decided to take IT education to the rural expanse via Government schools. Systems International bagged the contract for implementing IT Education…