Engagement Opportunities

  • Strategic Consulting 
Strategic consulting engagements are designed to meet the unique context and priorities of institutional stakeholders. These consulting engagements inform and design data-driven internationalization strategies for higher education institutions. A sample list of projects led by Dr. Rahul Choudaha included:
- Developing a five-year strategic enrollment and international student success plan for a public institution in California. Institution already has a large representation of international students and aims to grow in a sustainable manner that aligns institutional and student success.
- Developing a strategic enrollment plan for a public institution in the Pacific. The institution had a very little representation of international students at undergraduate level and was constrained by budget and geography. It aimed to build a capacity for recruiting and supporting international students.
- Developing a plan for deepening the understanding of Indian and Chinese master's students at a leading private institution in New York. The institution had a large number of international students from these two countries and wanted to improve the quality of applicants and diversify the applicant pool.
- Developing a comprehensive enrollment strategy for a private institution in Philadelphia. The institution is well-recognized in the region, however, does not figure high among international students. The project provided a data-driven perspective on international student enrollment.

  • Commissioned Research
Commissioned research projects aimed at informing and engaging stakeholders from an evidence-based perspective. The sponsors of the project benefit for rigorous and credible research on a relevant topic of interest to international educators. It advances branding and outreach to a relevant audience. Dr. Rahul Choudaha was the principal investigator of two NAFSA commissioned research reports on international students (International Student Experiences and Third-party Pathway Providers ).

  • Global Online Webinar

DrEducation produces and convenes a global webinar series on latest issues and trends related to internationalization of higher education. As the organizer of the event, DrEducation helps event partners reach a global audience of international educators and professionals in a credible, content-driven and cost-effective manner. More than 4,000 professionals from around the world have registered for the first four webinars on following themes:
-International Student Mobility Trends: Shifting Recruitment Priorities and Strategies
-Transformative Leadership & Universities
-Embracing Technology for Global Engagement: A Leadership Challenge and Opportunity
-Transnational Education: Growth at the Expense of Quality?

  • Workshops and Training
Custom workshops and training sessions involve campus stakeholders on a range of themes related to internationalization strategies and best practices. This ranges from workshops on "Collaborating to Support Success of International Students," "Diversifying International Student Enrollment," "Data-driven Approach to International Recruitment," and "Understanding the Diversity of International Students."

  • Invited Presentations and Keynote Speaking Engagements 
Dr. Rahul Choudaha has presented at more than 100 professional conferences. He is know for his knack of connecting data and global trends with persuasive and engaging presentations on internationalization of higher education. Dr. Choudaha leverages his international and interdisciplinary background to provide expert analysis and insights on global higher education. Here is a list of speaking engagements.

Email at info[AT]DrEducation.com to learn more about engagement opportunities. 

Rahul Choudaha, DrEducation, Keynote speaker on trends, insights and strategies on global higher education, internationalization, international students, mobility and enrollment