Trends, insights and research to inform growth and innovation strategies in international higher education.

Institutional Strategies

  • Strategic Consulting and Custom Research
Custom engagements are designed in to meet the unique context and priorities of institutional stakeholders. These consulting engagements inform and design data-driven internationalization strategies for higher education institutions. Dr. Rahul Choudaha was the lead researcher of the NAFSA's research on international student retention. He is currently the principal researcher of NAFSA's project that aims to investigate the landscape of pathway providers in the US.

  • Workshops and Training
Custom workshops and training sessions involve campus stakeholders on a range of themes related to internationalization strategies and best practices. This ranges from workshops on "Collaborating to Support Success of International Students", "Diversifying International Student Enrollment", "Data-driven Approach to International Recruitment", and "Understanding the Diversity of International Students."

  • Invited Presentations and Keynote Speaking Engagements 
Dr. Rahul Choudaha has presented at more than 100 professional conferences. He is know for his knack of connecting data and global trends with persuasive and engaging presentations on internationalization of higher education. Dr. Choudaha leverages his international and interdisciplinary background to provide expert analysis and insights on global higher education. Here is a list of speaking engagements.

Email at info[AT] to learn more about engagement opportunities. 

Rahul Choudaha, DrEducation, Keynote speaker on trends, insights and strategies on global higher education, internationalization, international students, mobility and enrollment


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