International Student Success, an initiative of DrEducation, LLC offers online and in-person career success training and coaching for international students.

The mission of interEDGE is to help international students and professional achieve their educational and career ambitions. We strive to achieve this by:

  • supporting global talent in defining and realizing their career goals through online and in-person training and coaching services, 
  • partnering with higher education institutions to complement their academic and career support services, 
  • connecting with employers and organizations to maximize the potential of their diverse and global workforce.

Our Approach 
Only one out of three international students were successful in receiving an H1-B work visa (Source: Brookings). The competition is intense and constraints are a plenty for international students to find a job in the US.

At the same time, two out of three students who did not succeed in receiving work visas in the US have to adapt and find alternative career path like finding a job back in their home country.

Both these scenarios require that international students leverage their strengths, sharpen their skills and adapt to a changing context. interEDGE training and coaching services help international students achieve their career ambitions by leveraging its 3Cs Model of Career Success--Confidence, Communication, and Connections. Our approach:

Hands-on experience: We will offer a range of online and in-person opportunities to practice and personalize the learning to students’ needs, aspirations, and background

Resources: We will curate trends, tips and advice to help students to understand American job market, inform their career decisions and sharpen their skills

Lifelong learning: We will engage and support students throughout their career lifecycle as they develop into successful professionals

Institutional Partnerships
We partner with higher education institutions to develop custom training and coaching solutions to support the career success of their international students. This includes in-person bootcamps and workshops to online series of training sessions. We leverage the curricular foundation of our 3Cs of Career Success (Confidence, Communication, and Connections) and adapt it to the institutional context and student population. All our training sessions provide extensive opportunities of self-reflection and practice for students.
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