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March 11, 2012

Asians fueling demand for American MBA

Asian countries are the engines of global economic growth. Between 2000-2010, Indian and Chinese economy grew four-fold and five-fold respectively, in contrast to one-and-a-half times for the US.

The story is not very different in the world of management education. Asia is emerging as the engine of demand for global MBA programs. A recent GMAC report notes that number of GMAT test-takers in the US remained stagnant over five years, however, they grew by nearly 47% in Asia.

TY 2007TY 2011Change% Change
East & Southeast Asia34,54857,64923,10167%
Central & South Asia23,64227,9024,26018%
Total Asia58,19085,55127,36147%

The contrast between Asians and Americans for management programs becomes even more interesting when comparing the absolute numbers. The number of Americans taking GMAT decreased by 775 in five years however, the number increased by 27,361 among Asians. Thus, all the growth in demand for GMAT test-takers and American B-schools is emerging from outside the US. This clearly has implications for admissions and program management approaches of institutions.

Dr. Rahul Choudaha

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  1. very informative article. first time to visit this blog i was so much impressive thank for ur valuable info Mr Rahul Choudha


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